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It’s a new celebration!

We are celebrating a new product, a new business and what will hopefully be a new adventure for our family. Many introductions are in order:

NEW PRODUCT: Balloon It Yourself! (BIY!) -  an air-filled balloon decorating system. Our first BIY! Centerpiece kit combines our corrugated board stand and 20 plastic one-piece balloon sticks. The consumer simply adds air-filled balloons. It’s the perfect BIY! project for everyone, sure to pump up any celebration.              

NEW BUSINESS: Our new product, along with our desire to share it with others has inspired our new business. No worries though, as we are no strangers to hard work and customer satisfaction. We offer over thirty years of product development, branding and customer service experience.

NEW ADVENTURE: It was a family celebration that brought BIY! into existence. It was our son’s graduation party. We wanted a balloon centerpiece decoration with the height of helium…without helium. BIY! was born and mass production followed. The process has taken over eighteen months and has required all hands to get where we are today. We manage everything in-house (meaning mom, dad and four kids). From design, patents, copywriting, photography, proto-type and video production to packaging the final goods, the six of us get it done. Now, with great excitement we look forward to the next steps and many opportunities ahead.

Join our celebration and BIY!


David, Elizabeth Wilke & Family

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