It was our second son’s graduation from high school in 2015. A big backyard celebration was in order, the third of it’s kind since we moved into our new home with a spacious backyard. This time, the decorations were going to be…different. We love decorating with balloons, few other options are as festive while reasonably priced. However, our previous backyard celebrations with helium-filled balloons left us (okay, me) frustrated. Our balloon bouquets would blow about in the wind, tangling in knots while jumping off the tables. We wanted balloons, I wanted better balloons. I investigated air-filled latex balloons on sticks. We were familiar with this option but had not really considered it until now. After all, we wanted the height that helium offers – how could we do that with air and sticks?


Like everyone’s first step, I searched on-line for air-filled balloon centerpiece options.  What I found didn’t really hit the target. We needed to go higher – like helium – without the helium. Balloon It was born: a stand to hold air-filled balloons on sticks in an elevated, layered fashion.  The results were exactly what we were looking for and created a memorable atmosphere for our graduation celebration. Our guests were impressed, many asked where we purchased our centerpieces. We peaked curiosities when we took the credit ourselves. Dissection and analysis began. How did we do this?

A week later, all ten centerpieces still fully inflated and as beautiful as party-day filled our family room. I was satisfied beyond measure with our balloon solution - I thought, this is an idea we need to share.

The past five years, we’ve put Balloon It through its paces at our own confirmation, graduation and birthday parties, school dances, and work events – we feel it’s perfect! Today we’re just weeks away from our fourth and last High School Graduation celebration. There’s certainly no question how we will decorate 😊.

Today, our Balloon It Yourself! centerpiece and card box starter kits are available from Oriental Trading Co. and Amazon – you just need to add your own balloons. In our own store, we offer starter kits and our new Balloon It Bunches. These all-in-one complete kits for birthdays, baby showers, gender reveals, and graduations include balloons, a balloon air pump, and various decorative accessories. This time of year, our Graduation Card Box Bunches are popular – available in ten school colors.

Balloon It Card Boxes Do It Yourself complete kit with balloons and decorative accessories.

We aren’t balloon experts (getting closer every day), but we are highly experienced in celebrating. The combination brought us to where we are today. Our hope now is that this decorating tradition can be shared and enjoyed at your celebrations too.

You can Balloon It Yourself!

David - Balloon It Maker

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