About Us, Our Story Begins...


Our family just wanted table decorations for our parties that were portable but sturdy, colorful, inexpensive, tangle-free, and long-lasting – indoors or out. That wasn’t asking too much, was it?

Lucky for us, we are a family of creative entrepreneurs, always looking for a way to do things BETTER. Enter Balloon It Yourself!

We designed and developed the idea for this do-it-yourself tower of balloon goodness based on dozens of our own trials, errors, and improvements. We put it through its paces at our very own graduations, birthday parties, school dances, and work events – and we feel it’s perfect!

Long-lasting, attention-getting, reusable, customizable, no helium needed – just about the perfect, sure-to-be-talked-about, low-cost consumer favorite balloon decoration for every party and any celebration, any time of year.

Thanks for visiting - join us and Balloon It Yourself!

The Balloon It family at Wisconsin State Fair, 2017