Celebrate Down Under - Balloon It Yourself! with Koalas

 Journey Down Under for your next celebration. Koalas, native to Australia and extremely high on the adorable meter are turning up on party décor products. Cute and cuddly creatures are front and center with many party themes. We are especially fond of this product range from Party City. Right from the start we were in love. I turned down an aisle and found this new collection featuring just about everything you need to create a completely coordinated Koala party room. We were especially excited to see giant Koala head mylar balloons and printed latex balloons to match. These combinations work so nicely in our Balloon It balloon stands. When you purchase mylar balloon kits from Party City they include the helium, so we have them filled at no extra cost. In these situations, we float the mylar balloons above our Balloon It stands. The giant balloons work better filled with helium as some can be a bit more challenging filled with air, mounted on balloon sticks. We do offer balloon sticks made extra-large to accommodate larger balloons but some mylar balloons can reach 36-48 inches and will want to lean due to their top-heavy nature. For our Koala Party Room, we floated the giant Koala head above our short Balloon It centerpiece for the table. We used two of the 18” mylar balloons on top of a tall Balloon It centerpiece for the floor. The remaining mylar balloons, filled with helium were simply weighted on the floor or could be tied to your mailbox to direct your guests.

Koala tablescape with Balloon It air-filled balloon decorations

We purchased the Koala table cover and did not need the entire length. The portion we trimmed off we used to decorate the base of the tall Balloon It centerpiece for the floor. The table decorating kit has 27 pieces; the table scatter is my favorite part. We disassembled the 3-D Koala centerpiece from the kit to decorate the short Balloon It centerpiece for the table. Lastly, we can’t let the opportunity pass to comment on the dinner plates – they are giant Koala heads! The best!! Shaped dinner plates make a great presentation even better. 

Koala Party Room Color Set: Spruce, Silver, Aqua and Black


The Color Set for this party room is Silver, Spruce, Aqua and Black. The Party City description lists one color as Green, this color is more Blue-Green. It matches our Spruce latex balloons perfectly. We did find our dark green plastic utensils worked nicely on the table.

Beyond what we chose for our Koala Party Room, Party City offers many more accessories to complete your celebration experience. Look for matching favor boxes, birthday candles, yard signs, 3’ stand-ups, invitations, banners and much more.

Koala Balloon It Yourself! balloon stand with air-filled balloons. No Helium!!


Create your own Koala party room, here’s what we used:

Balloon It Yourself! Starter Kits    2 - White


  • 5 - Silver, LG
  • 5 - Black-White Dotted, LG
  • 5 - Spruce, LG
  • 12 - Koala balloons, 12”, 6 Ct. [2 Pks]
  • Koala Balloon bouquet, 5 Ct. [1 Pk]

 Koala Collection from Party City

  • Shaped dinner plates, 10.5”, 8 Ct.
  • Dessert plates, 7”, 8 Ct.
  • Lunch napkins, 6.5”, 16 Ct.
  • Favor cup, 1 Ct.
  • Table cover, 1 Ct.
  • Table decorating kit, 27 pc.
  • Latex balloons, 12”, 6 Ct. [2 Pks]
  • Balloon bouquet, mylar, 5 Ct.


  • Dark Green plastic utensils (Dollar Tree)
  • Grey paper cups (Dollar Tree)
  • Grey Dessert Plates, 8” (Dollar Tree)

For decorating Balloon It bases
  • Black cardstock/paper, 12x12”, 2 pcs.
  • Glue / double sided tape
  • Scissors

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