We’re Fired up for Comeback-Summer BBQs

Balloon It Yourself! at your next BBQGatherings around the grill are one of America’s favorite summer pastimes. During the pandemic a Barbeque was a safe way to celebrate – outside in small groups. This summer promises a surge of celebrations around the grill as we all excitedly return to life as we knew it – not to mention we need to make up for lost time. 

In honor of National BBQ Month, we created our own spread. BBQ themed party supplies are popping up everywhere. We’re no longer limited to just Red Gingham table covers – the options seem endless. We selected this BBQ Picnic range from Amscan and coordinated accessories to match. The napkins and table cover feature a red gingham border so we felt a tie to tradition plus some fun graphics and words (“Let’s Eat!”, “Grill”, “Picnic”, “Yum”, “Family”).

You can Balloon It Yourself! and a BBQ is no exception. When it came to selecting balloons we discovered BBQ themed options are plentiful. We chose a GIANT hamburger from a lineup of Grills, Hot Dogs, Smiling Ketchup and Mustard bottles and Red Gingham patterns. Latex balloon colors were picked to match. We purchased the BBQ Picnic table cover and did not need the entire length. The portion we trimmed off we used to decorate the base of the White Balloon It Yourself! balloon stand.

The BBQ theme is crossing over as a new trend in Wedding (I Do BBQ) and Baby Shower (BaBy-Q) celebrations. We definitely need to explore these GRATE ideas down the road. 


The Color Set for this party room is Red, Blue Berry, Shamrock, Yellow and Black.

Create your own BBQ Spread, here’s what we used:

Balloon It Yourself! Starter Kits

  • 1 - White



  • 5 - Red, Black Dotted, LG
  • 5 - Black-Dotted White, LG
  • 5 - Yellow, LG
  • 5 - Shamrock, LG
  • 5 – Blueberry, LG 


  • Hamburger Balloon, 26" [Anagram item #41336] 

BBQ Picnic Collection from Amscan

  • Lunch napkins, 6.5”, 16 Ct.
  • Table cover, 1 Ct.


  • Dollar Tree
    • Blue Berry plastic utensils
    • Red Gingham dessert plates
    • Red Gingham wax paper liners

For decorating Balloon It base

  • Portion of BBQ Picnic table cover
  • Black cardstock/paper, 12x12”, 2 pcs.
  • Glue / double sided tape
  • Scissors

We're excited to share our favorite BBQ recipe, Grilled Smashed Potatoes below.

Share your party room suggestions and ideas in the comment section below. We love a challenge, what would you like to see us create?

You can Balloon It Yourself!


Balloon It Yourself! Maker

Grilled Smashed Potatoes Favorite Recipe Balloon It BBQ Party Room

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